familiar love, stetson

Meet Stetson. Stetson is Annabelle’s cousin and right after my two-year-old shoot with her, we met up with Stetson and his mom, Chana, for a little duplicate two-year-old cousin love in photo form.

When we went to move into some individuals of Stetson he had some . . . reserves about being alone in front of the camera. Luckily, momma was there to hold his hand in the process.

Chana saw Stetson’s hesitation about the photos so she did some quick momma-thinking, pulled out her water bottle and started splashing him with it.

He looooooooooooooooved it! And because he loved it so much, he totally forgot that I was taking pictures of it as it unfolded.

I’m so pleased with how these playful, water-induced images turned out — thank you so much for your help, Chana!

Eventually the water-soaked cousins had to say their goodbyes with sweet cousin hugs, but it had bee a fun afternoon of playing in the park for both of them.

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  1. Joyce says:

    These pics are so cute!! Love them! (And I don’t even know the kids)

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