familiar love, McClure family

You may have caught a glimpse of this darling family a few weeks back in this post of Jenny’s extended family session.

We were supposed to follow said extended family session with another session of just Jenny, Brian, and their two boys, Rylan and Quinn but it was just too stinkin’ hot to continue. So we rescheduled for this day, and I’m super-excited to share some of these pictures on the blog today!

Jenny is a fellow photographer so it was particularly an honor to be chose to photograph her family. She told me that she  had tons of pictures of her two boys, but not nearly enough pictures of her whole family or of just her and Brian together.

So this was the goal.

Meet Rylan and Quinn’s teddy bears — they were a great help in coercing both the boys to look at the camera.

The above shot was Jenny’s vision — she gets the creative credit on that one!

However Brian gets the Quinn credit for this shot, he was standing right outside of frame and had to intervene several time to keep Quinn from climbing right off the top of that rock. Nevertheless, we got the shot!

Only when you’re a baby is it still precious to pout.

Can I just take a moment to talk about how Brian and Jenny are such great parents to their boys and just super sweet together? ‘Kay,thanks.

I made a grave mistake — I laughed at Rylan when he threw himself back like this the very first time. I didn’t mean to, it just happened.

And then I couldn’t get him to stay right side up for the rest of the shots.

My bad. Won’t happen again.

There he goes — upside down again.

Seriously, Jenny? You’re so beautiful. Please note this truth.

I admire moms. I really do. But a mom with two little boys in heels? Now that’s pretty commendable.

Since Jenny is a photographer, we ended the shoot with a few shots of her and her third “baby” — her camera!

Thank you for being so great, McClure family. Y’all are seriously too kind for words and I hope y’all thoroughly enjoy the pictures of your family in this season of your lives!

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  1. love, love, love them!! you did a great job!!!

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