Exciting Things!

Guys! Lots of exciting things are happening!

1. Today JZP was featured on the Society Bride blog in two posts. Huzzah!

2. I’m in the works with the WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, SUPER-SWEET Elise of Hey, Sweet Pea on getting a new logo designed. It’s gonna be awesome and I can’t wait to release it when it’s finished. Double Huzzah! Here is the mood board Elise put together based off the ideas/words/vision I expressed to her.

3. I KNOOOOOOW I’ve been the worst slacker blogger in the world, but would you believe me if I told you that I’ve just been so stinkin’ busy with shoots and weddings that I can’t keep up with my blogging in the midst of all the editing? The GOOD news is that I’ve been keeping the JZP facebook “like” page well updated with all of my most recent weddings and shoots. Have no fear! You can see my recent work HERE:


Buuuuut while I’m herrrrrre . . . Here are just a few of my most recent favorites:

Don’t I just work with THE loveliest people?! Yes. The answer is yes.

4. What was that? Oh, the husband and second-shooter James is still awesome, handsome and I get to work with him EVERY SINGLE DAY?!? That’s definitely worth a few heartfelt “huzzah”s.

5. But what’s extra-attractive is when he’s super-dedicated to getting a shot. I’ve been sitting on these photos I snagged of him shooting some details at a wedding back in February for MONTHS now, just waiting for an opportunity to share them with the world. Now’s as good a time as ever!

6. James and I will be going out of town on a mission trip to Mission, TX (funny, I know) all next week so we more than likely won’t be posting any new stuff for a while BUT we’re SO excited for the opportunity this trip will give us to use photography as a way to share Jesus with people. We’ll be joining a group of adults and students from Tolar Baptist Church (church I grew up in — holllllla) and what I’m in charge of is offering family portraits to families there who might not have ever had the opportunity to have one made before. I’ll be sure to let y’all know how it goes — prayers are very much appreciated . . . especially since I’m not exactly fresh on my Spanish-speaking.

So that just about updates you on what’s happening in the life of JZP right now! Happy Friday! (goshIcan’tbelieveit’salreadyFriday.)

3 Responses to “Exciting Things!”
  1. Jillian says:

    Well #6 just melts my heart. I know how incredibly blessed I feel by the talent God instills in you. I pray the act of love you show them through your lens, will be a constant blessing and reminder to them of Jesus! Praying His light reflect in your photos!

    • jillian says:

      Thank you so, so, so, SO, SO much, Jillian 🙂

      • Yene says:

        I attended Karl and Laurann’s wddeing; I LOVE your well-chosen favorites and the photos you took! I can imagine the work it takes these are beautiful. I know they & their families are tickled with your work. Thanks for sharing.

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