Want to hear something crazy?

Yesterday my sister was pregnant.


And today she is not.



Praise Jesus for Jasper Dean.

Many, many more photos to come.

My sister is five days out from her due date.

For her very first baby.

A baby boy.


Jalesa, the oldest of the four siblings and my only sister, could be holding her son ANY. DAY. NOW.

OOH, or I could be holding my very first (blood-related) nephew ANY. DAY. NOW.

My sister will become a real live MOTHER to a tiny human being any. day. now.


  I am so excited that I had to write a blog post about it.


You guys, I cannot tell you how excited I am about this new venture.

I was sitting at my desk editing a wedding last week and literally found myself moved to tears at how thankful I am to have this job and how gracious the Lord has been to us in allowing us to do what we love with people we adore. I’m so looking forward to what will come in 2013. There is something about the fresh outlook and anticipation a new year brings and I wanted to share some of my 2013 giddiness by giving away a full day of wedding photography coverage by yours truly and my handsome second-shooter (aka my super-talented husband, James). We are hoping to reach out to brides and grooms all over the world who are planning a wedding day that will be filled to the brim with heart.

Weddings can be on any day of the week — it does not have to be on a weekend to be eligible.

JZP (meaning myself and James) will deliberate over the entries and announce the contest winner on February 28th.

Top 3 runners up will receive a significantly discounted rate for JZP wedding photography services.

There will be prizes in the form of a free photo session for the person who refers the winning couple/wedding to us — so please share, share, share the giveaway on Facebook, Instagram, via word-of-mouth, email, carrier pigeons — you name it!

If you have any questions about the contest feel free to comment below or send me an e-mail to photo@jillianzamora.com

If you would like a travel quote to your specific venue, please e-mail me at photo@jillianzamora.com.

To view some of JZP’s recent weddings, click on any of the below links:

Ashlei and Jesse, a rainy day Georgia garden wedding

Sara and Brent, a beautiful Texas wedding outside a charming chapel

Carri and Matt, an outdoor ranch wedding with details galore

Please see below for a listing of dates from July 2013-July 2014 we are already booked for weddings or are otherwise unavailable:

July 2013: 5th-14th

August 2013: 10th

September 2013: 6th

October 2013: 5th, 19th

January 2014: 4th

Again, we are SO excited about this and we hope you are too!


Happy last day of 2012, everyone! James and I are having such a great Christmas-New Years break. So far we’ve done Christmas with both sets of families, celebrated the marriage of a couple of dear friends, and now we’re in Arkansas visiting MORE dear friends.

In honor of the last day of 2012 I thought it might be fun to do a JZP behind the scenes blogpost. Through the year we ended up with a nice little collection of photos I took of James working and photos James took of me working — and in most of them we look pretty ridiculous, and that’s okay.


James caught me documenting how dedicated he was to a detail shot at a wedding in February.


This is my fun reception face.



Apparently in order to be deemed a proper reception face, my mouth must be open? At this wedding reception my little brother was a guest — isn’t he so cute?!


James thought he could do his Footloose moves without any wedding guests seeing him . . .






Sometimes photographers like to photobomb too.





I like to think that photos like these prove my clients really do think I’m funny. Let me think that.



James got pulled onto the dance floor (against his will)  by a guest at this reception. Of course I thought it was hilarious.




James gets all bossy during the bouquet toss.


Look! It’s TIFFANY! She was one of my brides from 2011 and I was SO PLEASED to get to see her at a wedding I was shooting this September.


James thought the groom would really want a photo with him before the first dance.


Talking with my hands is a constant necessity.



Dinosaur hand?



Apparently I go all flight-attendant before the first look.






And that right there was a peek into JZP’s 2012 behind the scenes. We are so incredibly thankful for all of our WONDERFUL clients that we had the joy of working with this year and are very much looking forward to everyone we get to work with in 2013. And thanks for not pointing out to us how ridiculous we tend to look while working with y’all.

Have a happy, happy new year’s eve!

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