I took these photos out near L.A. back in December but am just now getting around to blogging them because February has been my first little reprieve from shooting (well, at least as much) and have actually had some spare moments to share some of my past work with you all. I’m thankful for this bit of time to breathe deep and reflect a bit. I’m so excited for this upcoming year and the wonderful, wonderful people who have so graciously entrusted me with their wedding documentation — and this category of course includes Laura and Chris.

Laura and Chris, I love how effortlessly yourselves y’all are (which, turns out, is really quite fun). I very much enjoy that we share a mutual adoration for Parks and Rec. And Laura, just in case I did not exclaim uncontrollably enough about this throughout the second half of the shoot, YOU WERE WEARIN’ THE HECK OUTTA THAT RED LIPSTICK, MA’AM.

This is Scott and Elise and I love them and yes, they’re actually this happy in real life.

You guys, no lie, I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone who is as happy as Scott and Elise with the work/life balance they’ve struck. And the fun part is you don’t have to be jealous because they wanna teach you how to thrive in both your business AND your life too — just check out My Own Irresistible Brand to learn more. I promise you this isn’t a paid advertisement, I just really think they’re awesome and know what they’re talking about so I wanted to share with you guys too!

It was not-a-hair-where-you-originally-placed-it-windy and cold and 7 AM but it was also Brooklyn and buzzing and sunrise and it was Shelby and Cameron. And so it was wonderful.

Cameron had actually asked Shelby to be his wife in front of this particular bridge, so it was especially fitting for us to start off their engagement session here before heading over to Brooklyn Heights for some brownstone admirin’ and neighborhood wanderin’.

But honestly, I think my one-year-old’s sentiments below sum up their love best:

p’\p’p;p;\p;.p;gi[            ni rdtrb t  nfm

I’m just kidding, she typed that with her foot. LALALA ENJOY THA BLOGPOST IM A PROFESSIONAL.


jillian zamora photography_18

You know those people who are almost shockingly warm, personable and all-around wonderful? Yeah, those people are Jamie and Ben.

Go ahead and take ALL THE POSITIVE WORDS IN THE WORLD and that just about describes Jamie and Ben.

From our very first meeting over coffee (when they were like, “Oh, let us come to you!” and then WOULDN’T LET ME BUY MY OWN COFFEE AT MY OWN BUSINESS MEETING??) I’ve been floored by their kindness and with every interaction since then have understood more and more how very privileged I am to be the photographer they chose to document their engagement and wedding.

jillian zamora photography_02

jillian zamora photography_03

jillian zamora photography_04

jillian zamora photography_05

jillian zamora photography_06

jillian zamora photography_10

jillian zamora photography_09

jillian zamora photography_08

jillian zamora photography_07

jillian zamora photography_13

jillian zamora photography_24

jillian zamora photography_01

jillian zamora photography_19

jillian zamora photography_20

jillian zamora photography_21

jillian zamora photography_22

jillian zamora photography_23

jillian zamora photography_27

And then Jamie changed into this adorable lace romper and I just about died.

jillian zamora photography_36

jillian zamora photography_30

jillian zamora photography_31

jillian zamora photography_32

jillian zamora photography_37

jillian zamora photography_34

jillian zamora photography_35

jillian zamora photography_33

jillian zamora photography_38

jillian zamora photography_39

jillian zamora photography_40

jillian zamora photography_41

jillian zamora photography_42

jillian zamora photography_43

jillian zamora photography_44

jillian zamora photography_45

jillian zamora photography_46

jillian zamora photography_47

jillian zamora photography_48

jillian zamora photography_52

jillian zamora photography_50

jillian zamora photography_51

jillian zamora photography_49

jillian zamora photography_53

jillian zamora photography_54

jillian zamora photography_55

jillian zamora photography_57

jillian zamora photography_56

jillian zamora photography_58

jillian zamora photography_59

jillian zamora photography_60

jillian zamora photography_61

jillian zamora photography_62

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