behind the scenes 2013

Gosh, this year. It feels like every year since we started JZP has topped the last. I remember last December I was thinking over all that had taken place, all the amazing people we worked with, all the places we had been in 2012 and wondering how 2013 could possibly compare. And now I sit here typing this blogpost on the last day of 2013 and can’t help but wonder how 2014 can possibly measure up. But I’m excited to find out how it will.

This is my entirely unglamorous New Year’s Eve post. There is no sparkle confetti (although I firmly believe that one can never have enough sparkle confetti) or fireworks — just a few shots that James and I (sometimes inadvertently) snagged of each other while photographing beautiful weddings of beautiful people with beautiful souls over the past twelve months.







Sometimes a veil gets all kinds of stuck in the bride’s up do and it’s the photographer to the rescue.


But sometimes the photographer walks into a cactus and it’s the bride and groom to the rescue pulling out cactus needles.


COOLEST THING I got to do at a wedding this year was ride in a helicopter to an island ceremony. I want to see 2014 beat THAT one.







I could not have made it through 2013 alive without my handsome second shooter, my trusty light test subject, my supportive husband by my side.


Thank you to all of the dear people who entrusted to us the documentation of special seasons of life in 2013. Y’all are all awesome and I promise I don’t take a single one of you for granted. Time and time again I am made unbelievably aware of how blessed by the good Lord I am to photograph people who see something in our work.

2013, it’s been an absolute pleasure. And 2014, we’re ready for you.

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  1. Tammy Morton says:

    Happy New Year Jillian!

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