exciting things II

Some of you may have been noticing some changes around here.

Like how I’ve actually been blogging.

There will be more changes on the way — the most exciting of which is the launching of a new Jillian Zamora Photography WEBSITE towards the end of next week! This time it will not be a template website that I stumble through putting together but a website custom designed JUST with JZP in mind by the always lovely folks over at Hey, Sweet Pea! I absolutely CANNOT wait to show it to the world and I promise to post as soon as it is officially unveiled.

In the meantime, here are a peek into some photos James and I had taken for the bio pages on the site:

It’s difficult to give photo credit for these because it was kind of a team effort! Our friends over at Hey, Sweet Pea knew that we wouldn’t be able to have professional photos taken in time for the site launch so they offered to take our photos if we brought our cameras, set the settings and posed ourselves — SUCH sweet friends!! We’re so thankful for them and incredibly please with how the photos turned out even with this being THE windiest day ever.

On a slightly related note we do have a photo session scheduled for January 2013 with the uh-mazing Tyler Branch out of California — ohhhhh, yeah! I kind of have to NOT think about it so that I don’t get so excited that I explode in anticipation.

I know what you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, yeah, enough of you two! We don’t come to your blog to see YOUR face.”

Just kidding, I know y’all are all nicer than that.

But I will still move on to a different type of preview — a little snippet of the new site itself:

Keep checking back on the blog too as I’m actually planning on continuing this whole “actually-posting-to-the-blog” trend. I’ll be catching up on posts from the past year (I just CAN’T NOT blog all those clients who believed in a first-year photographer. I just CAN’T) as well as trying to simultaneously post current work (THERE’S a novel idea) too. If you’d like to see all of my most recent work RIGHT NOW, you can always visit the JZP facebook “like” page.

Okay, I love everyone.


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