Darla, Kelsey & Lily

Okay, so I took a short, week-long blogging hiatus but now I’m back! Buuuuuuuuut, I’ll only be back until Friday because on Saturday James and I will be leaving for a cuh-RUISE to Mexico for our long overdue honeymoon-esque vacation. We’re super-excited (neither of us has been on a cruise before) but in the days leading up to it I’m trying to tie up some loose ends editing-wise and get out enough blog-posts to hold y’all over for a week while the Zamoras are off sailing the high seas.

For now, take a peek into this sweet mother-daughter session from August with my dear cousin Darla and her precious girls. The girls were down from New York in Texas visiting family and I’m SO glad they made time for a photo shoot before flying back out!

After a short bit of photos with the whole family, Kelsey and I broke off from the group for some photos in her “super-hero” outfit. I love it.

At first she was wary of this bit of woods but I told her it was her fairy princess forest and she very much liked the sound of that.

Sweet Lily. Just happy as a clam at the end of the session. Bless her darling heart.

Well I just hate to end this post so soon but I’ve got about 50 other blog-posts to catch-up on so I’m trying my best to keep them short! Plus I’m very much sleepy-mc-sleepersons right now. More to come soon!

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