This is an ode to a chair — a cute, vintage, perfect-for-a-photo-shoot chair.

A chair that, alas, was never used in Audrey’s two-year shoot yesterday.

Audrey’s grandma brought this adorable chair from her childhood to the shoot for us to use as a prop — but as far as I can tell “chair” was somehow synonymous with “torture device” in Audrey’s understanding.

I love this photo below because it looks like Audrey is planning some form of escape from or attack on the chair.

Don’t you worry, blog readers. There are still lots and lots of great smiling-happy-laughing shots to be had from the shoot — just none including “the chair.”

Oh, beloved chair, one day perhaps you, Audrey and I will be able to reunite peaceably — just not this day.

(Keep watching for the full blog post of Audrey’s two-years-old pictures soon!)

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