Everyone welcome the Cravens family to Texas. Yeehaw.

Or something like that?

Andrea, Kevin and lil Logan recently moved to Texas from Colorado so, while the premise of this shoot was to mark Logan’s third birthday, it also marks this family’s new beginning in Texas.

They wanted a shoot that felt Texas, so my thought was wide open spaces. Throw in Logan’s cute fishing pole and tackle box and we have an inspired shoot.

That stick he’s holding in the above photos is one he found before I even snapped a single picture, so it also became a staple in the shoot.

This is something I love about photographing children — they’re so honest. Before they’re trained like the rest of us to see a camera and slap on a grin, they look at a camera and let us see them, in that moment. I feel Logan’s thoughts in this photo above — inquisitiveness, being held, short-lived stillness.

I was honored, being the Texan that I am, that I got to show the Cravens family their first indian paintbrush. I grew up with my MaMa reading me a book about indian paintbrushes, so they’re near and dear to my Texas heart.

I asked Logan if he saw any flowers in the field as beautiful for his momma and asked if he wanted to pick any for her.

He did.

That’s a sweet boy.

I really loved the energy that Andrea and Kevin brought to the shoot — they really knew how to bring out the “silly” in Logan.

I love the transition from the stillness of this above photo . . .

. . . to the fluidity of THIS above photo.


Gosh, y’all are such cute parents.

Who knew a little boy’s struggle to put his hands in his pockets could be so endearing?

This is his angry face . . . which kind of makes me feel like I’m talking about a Mr. Potato Head, but nevertheless . . .

Andrea and Kevin were both so active in the shoot and kept giving Logan faces to make — I think it aided the shoot in producing pictures that were wholly “Logan.”

I loved every second of this next sequence:

Punch, punch. Fall, pounce. ROAR. Jump.

I’m in love with these images of Logan high-fiving his mom.

Ah! I can’t remember what exactly this is called, but this is how Logan gets ready to run REALLY FAST. Flash?

And we’ll end it here — with Logan leading his parents off to get donuts as his prize for doing so well.

Cravens family — y’all were a real treat to photograph. Thank you for giving Logan permission to be so silly, and for being silly parents yourselves. My hope is that these images capture your family as it is in this moment — full of sweet, silly, loveliness.


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