Meet the Murphy family.

I love them.

I love Louis and Shelby’s super-fun and nurturing parenting style. I love their kids’ entirely quirky sense of humor. I love that I babysat for Jettin and Maverick every week day for two full summers and some Christmas breaks back in high school. I love that the majority of that babysitting time was spent on the trampoline dancing to “I like to move it” or me taking pictures of the kids to put in a scrapbook for Shelby and Louis at the end of the summer. OOH! And snow-cones. Can’t forget the snow-cones.

Like I said, I love this family.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Shelby was having me take some headshots for her and decided to go ahead and add on a family session as well. I was thrilled. The Murphy’s wanted photos that were very “them” so they decided to do the entire shoot in their home.

This above pose was totally Mav’s idea. And so totally Maverick.

These photos of Mav were taken in his favorite room of the house — the game room.

Thank you, Murphy family, for letting me document a portion of this beautiful season in the life of your sweet family.

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