Meet Susan and Dale.

I might have a difficult time adding commentary to this post. Because when I look at these pictures, words don’t come to my mind. Just love. When I look at Susan I feel love and gratitude that the Lord has allowed such a wonderful woman to sweep into my life. And, because I know that Susan wouldn’t be the woman she is without Dale by her side these past seven (almost eight!) years, I feel that same gratitude toward him.

I use the phrase ‘sweep into my life’ because that is exactly what happened. The DeWoody’s are native Oklahomians to the very core but relocated to Texas a few years ago for Dale to attend UNT to get his Ph.D. Upon arrival in Denton, Susan looked for a way to get involved and wound up leading a bible study at the Baptist Student Ministry I attended with some dear friends of mine. From that semester on, she was in our lives to stay.

Susan and Dale chose to do the first half of the shoot on the UNT campus because it held meaning for both of them — Dale is a teaching fellow here while working on his Ph.D and Susan worked here for a few semesters as a student advisor.

As natural as the two of them look in these pictures, you’d think they got pictures taken all the time, right? Nope. I practically had to beg Susan to let me take their pictures. They needed them DESPERATELY!! The last pictures they had taken together were their engagement pictures!!! That was almost EIGHT YEARS AGO!!!

We stumbled upon this little loading dock and Susan and Dale worked. it. out.

Fweet, fweet, fweet.

It’s just that y’all both look really awesome. It’s probably because y’all are awesome.

As much as it kills me to convert that beautiful red hair to black and white, Susan looks beautiful either way.

And Mr. DeWoody certainly doesn’t look too bad himself.

After some time on campus, we headed back to their lovely home to snag some shots of their pets, Macy and Josie the one-eyed attack cat.

Don’t they have the sweetest home?

(Macy is the favorite child — don’t tell Josie)

Susan, you are gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

Susan and Dale — you did it!! You finally have some pictures together and I hope they capture even an ounce of the love that is flowing through and out of the DeWoody household.

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