I am so in love with these photos of the Wilson family.

Sure with two little ones the photos have a very small chance of coming out posed. But I think that’s what I love so much about them — they’re real.

Look at that pretty little family! I always get so especially connected to repeat clients, so you can imagine how connected I am to the Wilsons at their FOURTH session with me in the two years that I’ve been in business. At our first session Abby was just a little baby!! And Carter has grown up so much!

Those beautiful golden curls are killing me, Amanda.

Also, you and Joey are just flat-out adorable.

Eye. Lashes.

Carter for real cracks. me. up. in these two photos. I think I may have guffawed when I first saw them.

Darling, darling, darling.

 Oh man. I just so enjoy taking photos for your family, Wilsons.

Caution: You are about to experience EXTREME CUTENESS. Brace yourself.

Y’all have met Annabelle before. But this time the shoot was all about her and her two years of life. And she was ready to work it.

Annabelle’s momma, Jennifer (who makes a debut later in the post), put together a Fresh Beat Band themed birthday party for Annebelle, so she wanted her two-year-old pictures to go with that theme.

The ever-trusty Jillian Palomino, James and myself  got to the area early to scout out the perfect wall for such a theme and here it was, it all it’s musical glory.

That face kills me. Every time.

We began to hit a two-year-old wall . . . but don’t worry! She bounces back.

Don’t worry, I get you, girl. Sometimes my shoes are more interesting to me than everything else too.

Oh gosh. I can barely handle all this cuteness. Hand on hip AND scrunch face?!?!

(sidenote: It was James’ idea to put the “2” on the hydrant. Yay for quick-thinking husbands!)

And then Jennifer stepped in for some pictures with lil Annabelle too. And Annabelle didn’t mind sharing the spotlight with her beautiful momma.

I love my job.

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