Meet Audrey.

I should have seen it coming when Audrey first walked up to me talking about “the horses.” She had seen some horses on their walk to meet me and it was all she could talk about.

I didn’t think twice about it. She’s a two-year-old. Surely she’ll forget about the horses.

First I tried distracting her — Audrey loved playing the “let’s throw leaves at the camera” game with her mom, Nicole. Worked like a charm.

She was interested in the water for a bit, but the next thing I knew? She was talking about those horses again. Nicole and I promised her we’d go see them before we were finished and that held her for over for a bit longer.

Audrey’s little sister, Harper, was there too. Gotta love those baby spit-bubbles.

Up to this point Audrey has been talking about “the horses” with increasing fervency, so we decided to head back in the general direction of the horses.

I picked a spot where she could SEE the horses from a distance. That was my first mistake.

She made a beeline for the horses. Several beelines actually.

Mistake number two — thinking that letting her get closer to the horses for a short time would curb some of the horses’ allure. Nope. Audrey could have waved at those horses all day.

Thankfully the horse had to go take a bath so we waved good-bye and kept taking pictures.

This picture. makes me laugh. every time. Look at that determined look on her face. She WILL get to that horse.

I wish I could remember what I did to make her laugh. I’m surely going to need to use that trick again in the future.

Darling. Just darling.

Nicole. You are a great mother. I’m just going to say what everyone else is thinking.

Everything about this picture on the left says “sweet little girl” to me.

Then came: the stairs.

Audrey looooooooooooooooooooooved those stairs. Perhaps she could see the horses better from the top?

She was up the stairs. Down the stairs. Up the stairs. Hahaha, I’m sure it was quite the sight because I was just running back up and down the stairs too trying to stay in front of her.

She showed off her ballerina moves at the top of the stairs. Then it was back down the stairs to help mom up the stairs.

Look at that toe point! She has a future in ballet for sure.

You know, I made a lot of trips up and down those stairs that day. I chased after Audrey as Audrey chased after horses. I talked in all kinds of voices to keep her attention.

But at the end of the session when Audrey said she wanted me to hold her? It was all worth it.

For Audrey, it hadn’t been getting her pictures taken.

It had been one long game with her new friend.

And that’s alright by me.

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