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My first wedding of the year was Jenna and Harrison’s and I can’t think of any sweeter way to kick off my 2016 weddings than with these two. The excitement for this marriage could be felt in every room of that venue, seen in every family member, bridal party, guests’ face and just emanated from Jenna and Harrison. No, this was not “just another wedding” to anyone involved, this was a day worthy of much celebration, commemoration and confetti — the day Harrison became Jenna’s and Jenna became Harrison’s forever and ever amen.

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Maybe it’s because I’m a little bit of a homebody myself, but documenting people in their own spaces never gets old to me. My goal is simple — I want to capture the most genuine and authentic versions of the people and the relationships that I’m photographing. What better place to do that than your home?

Desiree and Tommy are expecting their baby boy this summer. Here are a few of my favorite photos of them, in their home, eagerly awaiting his arrival.

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I’ve never cried at an engagement session before, until Allison and Johnny’s. But then again, I’ve never had clients cry at an engagement session before until Allison and Johnny. Thank you, both, for being present enough to feel that much. That’s more than I could ever hope for.

The love Allison and Johnny have, it’s beautiful. Like, make-your-friend-cry(AGAIN)-on-the-plane-home-from-your-engagement-session beautiful. Like thank-the-good-Lord-every-time-you-think-of-it beautiful. It’s that strong, I’ve-really-thought-this-through-and-I-mean-it love. It’s the I-want-to-take-care-of-you, admirable kind of love.

Johnny, you’re one of the kindest guys I’ve ever met — I’m thankful my friend has you and I’m so thankful you have her. Allison, I love being friends with you. It’s awesome because you know how to encourage me when I’m feeling fragile, you teach me (maybe multiple times) how to use SnapChat and I still can’t get over the privilege of being entrusted with your wedding photography (which I’m not gonna pretend isn’t mega-intimidating since you’re a crazy-talented photographer whose work I admire so much). Whatever, I love you guys and I’ll leave it at that.

Here some of my favorites from Allison and Johnny’s engagement session in beautiful, beautiful Bend, Oregon.

bend oregon wedding photographer_002

bend oregon wedding photographer_003

bend oregon wedding photographer_004

bend oregon wedding photographer_005

bend oregon wedding photographer_010

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jillian zamora photography_01

One thing I always want to tell my brides is this: just be you, yo.

Be hilarious you.

Be comfortably quiet you.

Be awkward giggling you.

Be confident you.

Be your favorite you.

There is just about nothing that makes me happier than photographing a bride who embraces herself, owns it and refuses to apologize for it. Hannah does just that and it’s one of the many (many) reasons I love her.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Hannah’s bridal session. Many thanks to Sydney for Hannah’s incredible hair and makeup + Gathered Floral Design for that beauty of a bouquet.


jillian zamora photography_04

jillian zamora photography_05

jillian zamora photography_06

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