Want to hear something crazy?

Yesterday my sister was pregnant.


And today she is not.



Praise Jesus for Jasper Dean.

Many, many more photos to come.

My sister is five days out from her due date.

For her very first baby.

A baby boy.


Jalesa, the oldest of the four siblings and my only sister, could be holding her son ANY. DAY. NOW.

OOH, or I could be holding my very first (blood-related) nephew ANY. DAY. NOW.

My sister will become a real live MOTHER to a tiny human being any. day. now.


  I am so excited that I had to write a blog post about it.


Prepare yourselves, because I might accidentally use a lot of exclamation marks in this blogpost.

Joey and Sabra are good friends of James and mine, and have been for quite a while. They actually just had their BABY GIRL this December and she is sooooooooo precious!! I may or may not have had trouble letting James hold her when we went to visit ONLY because I wanted to hold her the ENTIRE time we were there. We’re SO excited for our dear friends. (If you keep going to the end of the post I might treat you with some pictures of us holding sweet little Stella.)

It was my pleasure to take some maternity pictures for Sabra and Joey in November, and here are a few of my favorites from the set.


Joey is the worship leader for the 9:31 service at First Baptist Burleson (James actually plays bass with him in the worship band) and music has always been a huge part of who he is. Therefore, his biggest request for the shoot was that it include a piano.









After working that 8 ft x 8 ft space by the piano for all it was worth, we headed outdoors for a few more shots.


Isn’t she so CUTE?!?!



B-e-a-U-ti-ful people.


(Our friend Jennifer made that super-cute yarn “S’ for Stella)









And now for some (low-quality) photos taken on my iphone during our first visit to see Stella!

s3 s1 s2

I’m already itching to hold her again this Sunday! Congratulations, Joey and Sabra. Welcome to the world, Stella!


I’m truly not sure where the inspiration came from to do Cortney and Tony’s maternity session around a clothesline. Typically I’ll brainstorm with my clients for the inspiration behind a shoot, as this is a very important part of the process to make sure the session is a true reflection of the people in the photos. However, Cortney emailed me and said she had no ideas and did I have anything in mind.

And for some reason a clothesline came to mind. Maybe because I associate babies with lots of blankets? With fresh clean laundry (I know mother’s everywhere might be rolling their eyes at that one)? I don’t know. But I DO know I saw a clothesline in my mind. I pitched the idea to her and she was sold, so clothesline it was.

It seriously could NOT have been a better day for this specific session because the wind kept the blankets and sheets on the clothesline moving constantly which made for such fluid images.

I also need to be sure to write a shout-out for my Aunt Lisa for letting us do the photo session in her backyard . . . and at the last minute lending us a couple extra blankets to fill the line! You’re the best!

 I just love when I get the chance to work within a little theme for a session because it makes for inspired photographs!

Cortney and Tony’s newborn/family session will surely be on the blog before we know it!

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